Faith Fellowship United Methodist Church of Mansfield, Massachusetts has become a leading outreach ministry church in the southern New England area. Outreach ministry is something that FFUMC has recognized over the past several years as a critical need in our community to help those that need a helping hand.  Our mission at FFUMC is to “Serve Christ by Serving the Community.”  Over the past few years, our ministries have emphasized the importance of our church and community involvement to solve, relieve, or at least help to eradicate many social issues plaguing our community.  From homelessness, feeding, clothing, befriending, counseling, children needs, and disaster relief, we have moved to the mission forefront and have come to task to help in many ways.

Our Opportunities to Serve include:

  1. Food and Friends, –  Purchasing, preparing, and serving the marginal and  homeless.
  2. “Clothes To Go” free clothing pantry; in 5 years has given out 1.5 million pounds of clothing locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
  3. Tithing to Fishes and Loaves, Canteen Truck Ministry on site homeless feeding
  4. Our Daily Bread Food  Pantry-  Assist , serve, and collect food for  Our Daily Bread, the local food pantry.
  5. Pet Food Ministry -Cat / kitten and dog/puppy wet and dry food is collected for local shelters and delivery regularly.
  6. Afghan/Shawl Ministry – New or gently used handmade or store bought throws, shawls, baby blankets and lap blankets (of any material .. woven, knitted, or crocheted) )  are prayed over and stored in an easy access special case to be given out or used by, anyone who knows of someone in need of a warm, fuzzy feeling of comfort.  The prayer afghan can be used long term out or short term by anyone sitting in the church and needs a little afghan hug or given out to those in need.  As each prayer afghan is taken, the name of the recipient is added to the prayer scroll for continued prayer. A prayer tag is attached to each prayer afghan explaining what it is and why it is given.
  7. Card Ministry – Greeting cards and notes are sent to those inside of the church and also to people we serve in the community.
  8. Shoes for Orphans – Shoes collected for orphans.
  9. Eyeglasses, Cell phones, Hearing Aid collection site -We collect eye glasses, cell phones, and hearing aids in cooperation with Quota Club International of Woonsocket, R.I.  These items are dispensed locally, regionally, nationally, and globally through them.   Quota Club International is a service organization that helps and supports the hearing and sight impaired, and abused women.
  10.  “Imagine No Malaria”  (formerly Nothing But Nets ) – we support this global ministry to acquire nets to prevent deaths from malaria.
  11. “One Meal Miracle”- feeding orphans locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
  12. Orphan Ministry and Forster Care Awareness Ministry.
  13. Vacation Bible School – Free Children’s Summer Program
  14. Car Repair Ministry – Help those in need with car repairs.
  15. Heating Ministry -Help those in need with heating issues.
  16. Housing Ministry – Help those in need with housing.
  17. UMCOR Health, Disaster, Birthing, Flood, School Kits
  18. UMCOR Drop Off Pick Up Site
  19. Health Care Assistance – Help those in need with health care issues.
  20. “Opportunity for Opportunities  ” Resume and Job Assistance – Many are out of work so we have created a small network to match skilled workers with jobs needed.  Those seeking work fill out a resume type application listing their skills, certifications, and licenses and as people in need of those services request, we help to connect them with those who can help.
  21. Thanksgiving Dinners – purchase and distribute meals for the needy and marginal.
  22. Christmas Dinners – purchase and distribute meals for the needy and marginal.
  23. Christmas Gifts  – purchase and distribute gifts  for the needy and marginal.
  24. Public Relations Outreach – Most do not look at Public Relations as a ministry but by bringing attention to God’s work of our outreach activities through the news media, PR can be a ministry every time a news writer, announcer, editor, reader, listener, or viewer is touched, inspired, or moved by the message that is sent out.  PR communication is external in the community as well as internal in our congregation. Outreach information disseminated through TV, cable, internet, radio as well as our bulletin, e-mail, big screen announcements, and sharing our experiences and news by word of mouth  informs all and make all included in hearing, spreading, and doing God’s word, which is essential.
  25.  ESOL – Basic Literacy Instruction
  26. New Beginnings”  Bereavement Ministry – helping those with loss.
  27. Acquire Food from Local Restaurants Ministry – to feed the marginal and homeless.
  28. Woman’s Breakfast Group – Assisting, guiding, and nurturing women in their journey with Christ in a social setting.  Also through prayer, discussion, study, meditation, and comradery.
  29. Dance Ministry – helping all to find balance and relaxation through movement and sound.
  30. Chair Yoga Ministry – assisting and guiding those who seek to find their  wholeness  of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
  31. Woman’s  Covenant Group – Assisting, guiding, and nurturing women in their journey with Christ.
  32. Men’s Group – Assisting, guiding, and nurturing men in their
    journey with Christ.
  33. Citizenship Ministry – Helping people study for and acquire citizenship to the USA.