SLG and Church Staff Profiles:


Pastor David Arruda

What I do:  Sr. Pastor/Visionary

Favorite part of my job is seeing how God works in peoples’ lives.

Fun fact:  Did Stand Up comedy.

Desired superpower: Fly!! Soar with the birds and no traffic.

My weakness:  Wood and tools, you can never have enough of either.


Rosanne Driscoll

What I do:  Lay Leader/Chaplain

Favorite part of my job:  Teaching English

Fun fact:  I used to teach Karate.

Desired superpower: To be able to eat whatever I want and stay in shape.

My weakness:  Overeating.


Louise Hale

What I do:  Financial Secretary/Teach Sunday School

Favorite part of my job: Keeping track of fact.  Getting to go back in time while teaching Sunday School.

Fun fact:  Appearing intelligent.

Desired superpower: To be able to wiggle my nose and get everything done.

My weakness:  I don’t like incompleteness.


Jed Haynes

What I do:  Worship Leader

Favorite part of my job: Getting a new idea for Sunday Service.

Fun fact:  Formerly just a shower singer, now leader of public singing.

Desired superpower: Strength.

My weakness:  Sweets and timing.


Corlin Moniz

What I do:  Staff Relations, Director of Clothes to Go (CTG) and Encourager

Favorite part of my job: Helping people to smile and be happy with themselves.

Fun fact:  Energizer Bunny was my father and Comic Relief.

Desired superpower:  Animal communication, invisibility, and Cat Whisperer.

My weakness:  Chocolate and stray cats (in that order).


Carolinne Locke   Music Director

What I do: Music Director

Favorite part of my job:

Fun fact:

Desired superpower:

My weakness: